Family Advocacy

Family Support

Providing education and personalized support services to families is as integral to the success of BRH as is building a dwelling. 

Through our Family Support Program, we counsel and educate first-time home-buyers in the process of buying a house, provide training in the life skills to help low income families responsibly keep a mortgage and maintain a home, encourage new homeowners to take leadership roles in our organization and their neighborhood, and mentor their active participation in the community.

BRH’s comprehensive and personalized approach to pre- and post-sale education and support, combined with partnerships with several nonprofit educational, community organizing and social service organizations, promote empowerment, leadership, civic involvement, and sustainability

Bread & Roses Housing’s home ownership opportunities are among the most accessible and affordable in New England. Our community land trust model is a progressive solution to community change in the area of affordable housing.

Financial Literacy Workshops